CV:RoR - Closing Statement

2015-08-22 04:08:08 by RopeDrink

Hi everyone,

I want to start by giving a massive thank you to any and all people (past and present) who supported, liked, thumbed, rated, or commented on my one and only complete flash movie (CV:RoR). It's one of many creations I am extremely proud of, even if I cringe knowing I could have improved on X or Y anytime I re-watch it post "noob flash animator".

While I may not have submitted any music or flash to Newgrounds in many years, every so often (either here or on YouTube), people mention they had hoped for a CV:RoR sequel.

I just want to state that I will not be making one as CV:RoR (like a lot of peoples 'first project') was merely to learn flash. After I achieved that goal, I moved on to music, videos, game design and other 'first projects', essentially losing interest in flash animation as it is not my forte.

However, I will state that (thanks to above mentioned 'first time' 'lack of' experience making the animation - and failing to squash the filesize down at the time due to poor audio compression), the movie did not end how I originally intended. When I was in the 'zone' making the animation, my original goal was to have the fight end with you, the viewer, being able to choose one of four different endings (Alucard, Richter Possessed, Ricther Normal, Dracula), so that everyone could get something based on their favourite character. When it came to making this happen, it was clear the filesize was bordering too large for NewGrounds, so I crunched it into a short one-way cliffhanger.

The way it is now, people are free to interpret what happens after the fade-out however they please as it is left up in the air. In my mind, when the movie ends, it goes to official in-game time where the player then has to roam the castle before pitting Alucard v Ricther canonically (by escaping - then coming back later when he has a means to jump over the now broken bridge) - but that's just my interpretation of my own movie.

Once again, I'm mostly just here to say thank you. I could talk about CV:RoR all day but the only reason to do so is thanks to those who accepted it, shared it or keep posting friendly comments about it.

Thank you all - and I'm sorry that it didn't end as intended - but maybe a far superior animator could re-invent it or take up the CV mantle. Failing that, be sure to enjoy the animations from Suroy, R1665, Proxicide and all the others who are rocking the sprite battle mantle.

Castlevania RoR Sequel!?

2008-12-24 00:55:25 by RopeDrink

Thanks to the unexpected (and much appreciated) success of my first movie aka Alucard v Richter Belmont SOTN Sprite Fight more and more people have posted positive response and asked me to continue the project.

Those who haven't seen the first can catch it here at: 474975

I've found some great resources for a new movie, heck not only did it help me learn flash but it even sharpened my Photoshopping, something I'm not unfamiliar to, which will no doubt allow for additional sprite work.